Our Mission

Motivating and empowering members to live our lives Jewishly is what Beth Am is all about!

Congregation Beth Am is dedicated to perpetuating and enhancing the Jewish religion. We foster and teach the ethical principles and moral values of our tradition and of our people.  Beth Am provides opportunities for Reform Jewish worship, education, service and fellowship. Our Caring Community strives to provide whatever assistance our families require, both inside and outside the walls of our synagogue. Beth Am strives to instill in the minds and hearts of our congregation both a sense of loyalty to the Jewish people and a spirit of joy and celebration in our community. Tikkun olam — repairing the world — is a hallmark of Reform Judaism, and a strong part of Beth Am, as we strive to bring peace, freedom and justice to all people. 

Here at Beth Am, we subscribe to the central tenets of Judaism – God, Torah and Israel – as we acknowledge the diversity of Reform Jewish beliefs and practices. Also, we subscribe to the Reform Jewish belief that a child is Jewish if either parent is Jewish and is raised in the Jewish faith.  Further, we believe that women have equal rights in all aspects of Jewish life, and we welcome all congregants regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation.

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