Friday, March 27
7:00 p.m. Shabbat Service
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Saturday, March 28
9:00 a.m. Shabbat Service
10:00 a.m. Torah Study
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Like all of us, your leaders at Congregation Beth Am have been closely watching the developments with COVID-19, and discussing what measures we should be taking as a community. We met this evening with a medical expert to better understand what we can and should be doing at this difficult time.

We are being guided, more than anything else, by Judaism’s belief in the infinite value of life. We are taught that life is so important that saving a single life is considered as great as saving an entire world. The medical community is advising all of us that the most important thing that we can do to arrest the spread of the disease, and therefore save lives, is to practice Social Distancing, to the greatest degree practical. With that in mind, we are making the following changes to our synagogue schedule:

• Starting immediately, Friday Night services will be held by live-stream only. Rabbi Rosenberg and Cantor Greenblatt will lead services as usual, but we’ll ask people not to attend in person. Instead, everyone will have access to the service online (a link will be sent out).

We understand that this will not be as fulfilling as being together to pray. We know that there is a power that comes from being in a room, praying together. And, we know that social contact is such an important part of life at CBA. So, we don’t make this change lightly, but we do so knowing that, for a hopefully short while, this is the best way to be safe and responsible. We will re-start services as usual as soon we believe it is safe and prudent to do so.

• With the exception of Bar/t Mitzvah services, all Shabbat morning services and activities are suspended.

• We have a few Bar/t Mitzvah services in the coming weeks. Because of how significant these are to families, and how far in advance they are planned, we are not cancelling these. However, we are asking only the guests of the bar/t mitzvah family attend. We hate asking people to think of staying away at such an important communal time, but we truly believe that it’s necessary to do so.

• Sunday School and Wednesday Hebrew School are suspended until further notice. We will be working with our teachers to try to provide some online learning and connecting after Spring Break is formally over.

• Our Spring Gala, scheduled for March 21st will be rescheduled.

• Our 2nd Night Passover Seder is cancelled for this year.

• All classes and group activities at the synagogue are cancelled until further notice. The building is closed to the general membership.

Please understand how reluctantly we are making these changes. We know what an important community our synagogue is for so many of our members, and we deeply wish we didn’t have to take away this support system, especially during such a difficult time. We do so only because we have truly come to believe that this is the way that we can best protect our safety, as well as the safety of the countless people with whom we all come into contact.

Rabbi Rosenberg, Cantor Greenblatt, and other leaders will be reaching out to as many members as possible in the coming weeks. If you want to speak with us, or if you need anything from us, please contact us. Our numbers are below.

At the end of the reading of a book of Torah, we customarily recite the phrase chazak, chazak, v’nitchazeik – let us be strong, and let us strengthen one another. We will get through this tough time together, and, despite the challenges, we will strengthen each other in the process.

Rabbi Rosenberg Cantor Greenblatt Milt Orkin, President
(813) 420-8623 (914) 500-5230


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